Mirsan Rack;
is the manufacturer of 19” Rack cabinets, cabinet acessories, Telecom 7eld cabinets(indoor/outdoor), server and data center cabinets, outdoor boards, special projects,and 7ber optical boxes.
Mirsan Rack, with its expert staff and high technology plant, presents products at atop quality standard, provides fast delivery period, post-sales support and customersatisfaction. Thanks to our innovative and constantly developing structure,it holdsall cabinet and accessory infrastracture needed by today’s technology.
Thanks to its all originally manufactured (19”)3 frame GT series free standingcabinets, Mirsan Rack creates the difference in the 19” rack cabinet technology. Byellowing 100% productive use of the internal volume of 19” rack cabinet.In the light of its 20 years knowledge, background and experience, following today’stechnology closely, Mirsan Rack presents you the products required for today’s and future technological infrastructure.