• - The termination period for the complaints and suggestions of our customers will be less than 7 days
    - The Customer Satisfaction questionnaire grade will be 80 and above,
    - The rate for the products to be delivered within the due dates will be 90% and above
    - The rejected input rate will be less than 0,5%,
    - Average supplier grade will be above 80,
    - 10% increase will be provided compared to the sales numbers of the previous year,
    - 5% of the market shares of the competitors will be acquired by determining the alternative products and prices in the market,
    - All employeess will be trained for 5 hours per person for a year,
    - The fault rate in the production will be less than 1%,
    - The production capacity will be increased 10% with the current staff,
    - The rate of rejects by the customer will be less than 0,5%
    - The stopping period of the machines due to breakdowns will be less than 60 h/year..
                                                                                                                                             Nihat BOZDAĞ
                                                                                                                                           General Manager