(600 x 1000 - 800 x 1000)

Alter PLUS free standing rack cabinets offers the most ideal solutions at the offices and system rooms in the areas of cabling and server installations. The cabinets created in a highly strong and robust structure are unrivalled in their class thanks to their low costs, unique design of top class profile design and easy assembly features. We invite you to meet the top quality that Alter PLUS offers for your needs







The Installation Rails of Alter PLUS free standing cabinets are adjustable through the cabinet depth. Alter PLUS series cabinets offer user-friendly and time-saving solutions with the widest accessories range.

Thanks to its Flatpack option, the Alter PLUS free standing cabinets take less space in the warehouse and transport and are cost-effective. With the specially designed structure, the cabinets can be assembled and unassembled easily. Simple tools will be enough to assemble the whole cabinet.

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The Alter PLUS free standing racks will attract you with the color options of new RAL 9005 Smooth Black and RAL 7035 Smooth Light Grey. For different color needs, please contact our sales team.

The standard roof model of Alter PLUS cabinets has a highly modern structure with the straight vented surface and triangle shaped PVC corners.





The locking mechanism is handle-locking type. The colorful PVC strip located on the metal frame is the complimentary of the whole aesthetic design.

The front door with spring loaded hinge system provides ease at the installation and use as it’s changeable on the desired direction of opening; removable and installable without the need of any tool.

The standard rear door model for Alter PLUS free standing rack cabinets is solid metal door. It is easy to remove especially during relocation, installation and maintenance of the cabinet and system inside

The easily removable rear doors have the barrel locking mechanism.

The 3U high brushed cable entries on the bottom and top of the back of the cabinet are provided as the standard configuration of the cabinets.

These cable entries enable the cable management on top, back and bottom of the cabinet.

The standard roof model of Alter PLUS cabinets has a highly modern structure with the straight vented surface and triangle shaped PVC corners.

As the roof is located 10mm above the top of the cabinet, it not only enables passive ventilation without the assembly of a fan module, but also provides resistance against water and dust.






The bottom chassis cable entry of Alter PLUS is available with maximum opening of W=300mm and H=200mm with the 1 piece rubber edged sliding cable entry as the most ideal cable management. Besides the 300x55mm brushed cable entries on the right and left are offered as the standard configuration.


The standard side panel model for Alter PLUS Server series cabinets are removable, vertically split metal doors.

Easily removable side panels have barrel-locking system.


With the special design of the vertically split metal doors, the lower panel can’t be removed without removing the upper one. This structure locks the lower door when the upper door is locked.

With the snap locking system applied on the side panels, the panels shall stay closed without any key-lock.


The 42U and 46U high cabinets have vertically split side panels and it enables easy removal of the panels during installation and maintenance or when the space is not enough. The lower sizes have single metal sheet side panels.

The door width to be selected must be among the door options on the selected surface door options.

When one of the door options is selected, the location of the door should be informed at the order.

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