Our Strong Production Facility

Mirsan includes all production processes within its own structure. It is the only company of this size and size in the cabinet sector in Turkey that carries out all the manufacturing, assembly and quality control stages without using any sub-industry.

Production Memory with ERP-MRP

  • Each part and all processes of these parts are followed through the system.

  • This information is stored indefinitely on in-house servers and can be accessed and used as it was on the first day, even after many years.

Advanced Machine Park

  • With our competent workforce and state-of-the-art machinery, we take our production and quality to the next level every day.

  • Mirsan has the equipment and machinery required for all production processes within its own structure.

Processing Capacity

  • It can process DKP, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel raw materials used in the production process over 1000 tons per month in its own capacity.

Daily Production Capacity
M² Production Area

Mass Production in Special Projects

  • Serial production is started by making instant and fast response to every customer demand in different volumes.

  • Mirsan; It has a daily production capacity of more than 1500 cabinets, whether for special projects or standard products.

Advanced Technology Paint Facility

  • It has automatic part recognition system.

  • Our paint facility is ISO 14001 certified and complies with sustainable environmental policies.

  • Painting processes are done with robotic equipment.

  • Our paint quality is corrosion resistant under harsh conditions.

  • Surface preparation is made before nano technology paint.

Just in Time Delivery

  • Mirsan; It ensures that you reach the right product in the fastest and most practical way by constantly supplying the products it provides in the areas it serves in its warehouses in Turkey, Egypt and Azerbaijan.

  • We are aware of the fact that it is important for your company to provide the products that meet the needs of our customers with the right stock infrastructure, as well as the ability to supply products at high standards in the fastest way possible.

  • In addition to its wide product range, our company constantly researches the sectoral needs of your company with its dynamic team, and continues its activities with the principles of doing quality work in a systematic and high standard in order to supply the right product and service at the most affordable cost on time.

Quality Control Methods are Processed at Every Stage of Production.

Production Gallery