Research and Development

Our R&D department; develops product design, product development, project visualization and innovative products that always keep our company one step ahead. Mirsan also relies on its R&D department to improve existing consumer products and discover new methods in their production.

Our Expert Engineers

  • Our R&D team, which is expert, innovative and open to development, develops effective, uninterrupted, durable and reliable new products for domestic and international markets by using its design capability, state-of-the-art methods and engineering capabilities.

  • Our adopted R&D philosophy, together with research, innovation and science, constitutes our main asset.

  • Our R&D department consists of a very experienced multidisciplinary team.

You Imagine, We Design

  • In addition to new products and improvements to existing products, we produce solutions that will meet all your project’s needs.

  • Our marketing department conveys information about your project needs and requests to us.

  • The R&D department prepares its projects with technological CAD software, keeps all the details of the design under control and keeps these projects in the production memory.

A Creative, Young and Dynamic Team…

3D Presentation and Documentation

  • We attach importance to speaking the same language in your projects and present them to your approval with all the details through 3D visuals.

  • We prepare the technical documents and brochures of your project before your sample reaches you, and we present them to you by updating them until the final product.

Samples and Tests

  • The stabilization of our products is achieved by subjecting them to some simulations and tests on the sample.

  • Quality control processes are carried out during the production of these samples, which have received your approval.

You Can Examine Our Production Processes…