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Mirsan Rack; It produces 19” rack cabinets, cabinet accessories, telecom field cabinets (indoor/outdoor), server and datacenter cabinets, outdoor panels, fiber optic and special projects. Mirsan Rack, which offers products at high quality standards thanks to its expert staff and state-of-the-art machinery; It works with a focus on customer satisfaction with the fast delivery and after-sales support it provides for its products. Thanks to its innovative and constantly developing structure, it has all the cabinet and accessory infrastructure required by today’s technology. It has made a difference in 19” rack cabinet technology by ensuring that the internal volume of 19” rack cabinets is used with 100% efficiency, thanks to the GT series freestanding cabinets with its own design (19”)³. In the light of 20 years of knowledge and experience, it closely follows today’s technology world and offers you the necessary products for today’s and tomorrow’s technology infrastructure.

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Daily Cabinet Production Capacity
M² Production Area

Our Production Facility

Mirsan includes all production processes within its own structure. In the cabinet sector, it performs all manufacturing, assembly and quality control stages within its own structure without using a sub-industry in Turkey.

  • Production memory with ERP-MRP.

  • Advanced machinery.

  • High tonnage sheet metal processing capacity.

  • Mass production in special projects.

  • Advanced technology paint facility.

  • Just in time delivery.

Research and Development

Our research and development (R&D) department develops product design, product development, project visualization and innovative products that always keep our company one step ahead. Mirsan also relies on its R&D department to improve existing consumer products and discover new methods in their production.

  • Our expert engineers.

  • Special designs for your project.

  • 3D presentation and documentation.

Quality Control

A detailed quality control study is carried out at every stage of production. Examine the quality control studies carried out from the sample stage to the packaging stage of the product.

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