Data Center Solutions

  • Mirsan Maxi Data Center; offers monitoring, security air conditioning and power management solutions. They are modular, expandable and curable systems. It provides hot or cold aisle isolation for the performance of servers, cooling and efficiency of the power system.

  • Mirsan Mini Data Center; It is used to provide information technology infrastructure of medium and small enterprises and factories. It is a more economical solution. It is a suitable solution for both providing infrastructure and saving architectural space.

  • Mirsan Micro Data Center; they are used in small businesses or temporary deployments where traditional facilities or the installation of modular data centers are out of the question. It combines energy, environment monitoring, air conditioning, fire extinguishing and environmental monitoring solutions.

  • Mirsan Mobile Data Center; They are systems designed to be a mobile facility inside the container. It can be easily transported and installed in variable locations. For example, where priority computing is required; It can be used in disaster recovery areas, military operations, media broadcasts. It can provide additional service to an existing data center.