They are IP protected field cabinets against external factors used for telecommunication and other information technology solutions.

Product Code : MR.IP55

19″ Structure

All kinds of 19” devices and equipment can be connected to the device uprights. 2 device mounting rails are used in 600×450 cabinets, and 4 device mounting rails are used in 600×600 cabinets.

Hinged Top Cover

Thanks to its hinged cover system, it offers easy intervention to the fan modules from the top.


Thanks to the 125×125 dust filter on the right and left of the cabinet, it provides passive ventilation, while the louvers on its roof allow the hot air to be thrown out.

Fan Sistemi

While the two fan units on the upper part of the cabinet expel the hot air outward, they take the fresh air into the cabinet through the protected and filtered grille on the side. LED lights are integrated into IP fan modules.


Thanks to the gasket system on the cap and cap, it provides maximum impermeability against dust and water.

Wall Mount

It can be easily mounted on the wall with wall brackets.

Locking System

Butterfly lock is used as standard. Optionally, 3-point lever locking mechanism can be applied. Lock systems provide maximum protection against dust, water and external impacts.

Dense Cable Entry

It allows dense cable entries from the bottom thanks to 1 PG48 IP gland, 2 PG21 IP glands and 3 28mm diameter PVC blind plugs located at the base of the cabinet. The bottom closure is completely detachable if desired.





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